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Teri Krebs
Board Leader / Academic Advisor
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Teri has received funding from the Research Council of Norway to study MDMA and psychedelics. She has studied neuroscience at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and at Boston University, and she has been an Associate in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Teri is from the USA and has a bachelors degree in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA.


Pål Johansen
Board Member / Director
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Pål is a researcher and clinical psychologist at EmmaSofia Klinikk. He received a Fulbright Fellowship to the University of Washington. Pål has received funding from the Research Council of Norway to study MDMA and psychedelics. And he has been a research fellow in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.


Edvard Olai Brekke Værland
Board Member

Edvard is an experienced adviser on UN policy and decision making processes from the Norwegian public and civil sector. He was recently re-elected to the city council of Bærum.


Ketil Lund
Legal Consultant
Ketil is a former Justice of the Supreme Court of Norway and a member of the International Council of Jurists.


Hans Fredrik Marthinussen
Legal Consultant
Hans Fredrik is a Professor of Law at the University of Bergen.


Peder Coucheron Støre
Policy advisor
Peder has served as Vice President and President of Student Affairs of the Norwegian Veterinary Association.


Frode Andre Vormdal Myhre
Student Union Coordinator
Frode leads the EmmaSofia Student Union in Trondheim and coordinates all EmmaSofia Student Union activity. He is a deputy member of the city council of Trondheim.


Ole Sandmo
Communications Advisor
Ole holds a Cand. Polit. degree in political science from the University of Bergen. He has experience with strategic communication and public administration.